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Representing parents and students in Special Education, Section 504 and student disciplinary matters


Are you concerned that your child isn’t making adequate progress in school?

Do you disagree with decisions your school district has made about your child’s educational program?

Are you concerned the school isn’t following your child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) or Section 504 plan?

Is your child having behavioral difficulties at school? 

Have you received a phone call or letter informing you that your child is going to be suspended from school?

Is your child exhibiting signs of school phobia?

Do you feel as though school personnel don’t understand your child or are dismissive of your concerns regarding your child?


Cara can help.

School processes, especially those relating to Special Education or student discipline, can be confusing and intimidating for parents. Cara provides quality legal representation to parents who are dissatisfied with the school district's action or inaction with respect to their child. If you are concerned that the school is not meeting its legal obligations to your child, contact Cara to schedule a private consultation. 

Cara will review your child's individual circumstances and explain your rights and options. Cara can represent you at CSE meetings, disciplinary hearings, mediations, impartial hearings, appeals or through any other appropriate avenues.  Cara will advocate on your behalf to obtain the most favorable outcome for you and your child, and you will receive her personalized attention throughout her representation.

Cara is also available to serve as a consultant to other attorneys and professionals in need of legal support in any of Cara's areas of practice.  Cara is unable to provide advice or representation regarding Rochester City School District students at this time.


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